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Seeking Support

Grief Counseling & Support

The grief process for donor families and loved ones is complex. Some people may find support from counseling during the healing journey.  Some may also find it helpful to connect with others who are grieving.

Our Bridge to Healing program offers six free counseling sessions focused on grief.* These sessions are available for the loved ones of donors. Our team can also connect you with support groups that fit your needs. Fill out the form below to get more information.

*Our counseling sessions are not a substitute for individual or group counseling for other mental health concerns. If our counselor feels a different level of care is recommended, they will provide you with a list of other qualified professionals.


Contact us

Our Bridge to Healing team is available to support our donor families.

You can reach us anytime using the button on the left. If your contact information has changed, use the button on the right to update us.

You can also call us at 704-473-3684.