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Bringing Families Together

Our Bridge to Healing team hosts events for our donor families throughout the year. Our goal is to bring families together to remember their loved ones and connect with those who have walked a similar journey.


Donor families and the LifeShare community join together for a gardening or outdoor project. The area of focus will be a local park or memorial garden that will benefit the larger community.


The summer event allows donor families to support new donor families in the LifeShare community. You can also take part in this type of project year-round. Contact the Bridge to Healing team for information.


In the fall, we host our Donor Remembrance Celebration in honor of our donors from the previous year. Donor families can connect with other families and pay tribute to their loved ones. Find more information about this event.



During the winter event, donor families can connect with others feeling significant loss during the holiday season. We help you remember your loved ones and create an item to honor them. We also help you find meaning during painful times of the year.


Garden of Life Brick Dedication

Our Children’s Memorial Walkway in Charlotte was created in memory of children whose lives were lost. LifeShare Carolinas’ section honors children who gave the gift of life through organ, eye, and tissue donation. Our spring Garden of Life brick dedication event celebrates and remembers these young donors. Find more information about this event.

*Some of these events may have been changed or canceled due to COVID-19.*


Contact us

Our Bridge to Healing team is available to support our donor families.

You can reach us anytime using the button on the left. If your contact information has changed, use the button on the right to update us.

You can also call us at 704-473-3684.