Quilt of Life

Quilt of Life

The Quilt of Life commemorates the love and lives of those who have given the Gift of Life at the time of their death. You are invited to participate in this project by making a quilt square to honor your loved one’s life.

View the interactive quilt here.


The quilt is displayed in our office, at special events and during public education projects. If you would like to create a square for your loved one, please follow the directions as listed:

  1. Use an 8 inch square of light to medium weight cotton fabric or cross stitch material.
  2. Leave a 1/2″ inch border around the square without any design so that the square can be attached to others. Your finished designed area should be 7 inches by 7 inches.
  3. The design may include a religious symbol, depiction of a favorite hobby, toy or occupation. You may want to adorn the square with poems, quotes or symbols of your loved one’s life. You may use paint (no watercolors), permanent markers, thread or any other medium to design the square. Please sew everything on securely. Cross stitch, applique and embroidery are always good.
  4. Do NOT use glitter, stickers, crayons or paper as these items can easily fall off. Avoid using glue of any kind.
  5. You may copy a photograph of your loved one onto the quilt square.
  6. You may add your loved one’s name, birth date and day of death if you wish.
  7. Do not ‘finish’ the square with quilting or backing.

When you have completed your quilt square, print the release form, sign it and return it with the square to our office. Squares cannot be returned for obvious reasons.