Stories of Hope

Ella Kate Leitner – A Tiny Fighter

When she was born, Ella Kate struggled to breathe and doctors didn’t think she would survive more than a few days. She didn’t give up and neither did her family or care team. Today she’s a thriving big sister, thanks to the hero who gave Ella Kate a second chance. Read more about Ella Kate’s fighting spirit here.

Travis Robinson Jr. – A Roller Coaster Journey

Travis was born in October 2015. Just a few months later, everything changed and his family learned he would need a new heart. His journey was difficult, but today’s he’s a happy and healthy toddler. Click here to read about Travis’ journey.

Michelle Gruber – Seeing Donation from Both Sides

Michelle lost her father at an early age. But his giving spirit was evident and he became an organ donor. It wasn’t until later in life when she would see her father’s gift from another perspective – as a grateful recipient. Click here to read her story in her own words.

Travis and Aydan – Berlin Heart Babies

Sometimes children need transplants too. Two mothers bonded as their infant boys waited for new hearts and a chance to be normal kids.


Conversation on “The Gift of Life”


Chris Henry

The Chris Henry Story originally ran on CBS Sports Thanksgiving Day 2010. The heart-warming story recalls the fatal accident that took the life of the Cincinnati Bengals wide-receiver, his mother’s courageous decision to donate his organs and the gift of life that followed for the four people who received his organs. LifeShare is pleased to have had a part in bringing the Chris Henry Story to life.


PGA Golfer Erik Compton and former Panther Player Charles Tillman have fun at a Charlotte Knights Game


Sam Wyche

Former NFL Player and Coach Sam Wyche, the creator of the no-huddle offense, received a heart transplant in what could only be described in football terms as a Hail-Mary pass. Experience his story.