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Working Together

Our Partners in Saving Lives

You are a vital part of our mission to give hope, life, and healing. We thank you for your commitment to honoring the gift of life through tissue donation.

While donation benefits many people, we acknowledge it makes embalming more difficult. To ensure the donor families we both serve do not incur any charges related to donation, we can reimburse funeral homes for reasonable costs directly incurred as a result of the donation process.

This reimbursement will be paid upon receipt of an invoice with the following information: donor’s name and date of death, and the dollar amount of expenses incurred related to the donation. For details, please refer to the information sent to the funeral homes at the time of the donation.

To access our funeral home reimbursement form, click the button below.

If you have not previously submitted an invoice with LifeShare Carolinas, we also need your facility’s W-9 (2018 or newer). We cannot process invoices that include costs unrelated to organ or tissue donation.