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Organ, eye, and tissue donors save lives. Every time someone signs up as a donor, it gives hope to the thousands of people waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Learn the facts and sign up today using the button below.

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More than 103,000 people in the US are on the waiting list for a lifesaving organ transplant.

That's enough to fill all 75,000 seats at Bank of America Stadium and still have 28,000 more people without a seat.

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1 Organ Donor Can Save Up to 8 Lives

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1 Tissue Donor Can Heal Up to 75 Lives


1 Eye Donor Can Give 2 People Sight

  • Will signing up as a donor affect my care in an emergency?

    Your life always comes first. Doctors, nurses, and paramedics are dedicated to saving lives. Donation is only considered after all lifesaving efforts have failed.

    It is rare to become an organ donor. Learn more about the organ donation process. You can also learn about the tissue and eye donation process.

  • Who can be a donor?

    Everyone should consider themselves a potential donor. LifeShare screens all patients at the time of death to determine if they can donate.

    The health of your organs is more important than your age. The oldest organ donor in the US was 95 years old. 

    Medicine is constantly changing and improving. Medical advances now allow people with diseases like cancer, hepatitis, and HIV to donate. Patients with HIV can donate their organs to others with HIV through the HOPE Act.

  • What if my family doesn't support organ, eye, and tissue donation?

    Signing up as a donor is a legally-binding decision if you’re 18 or older. That means your family cannot overrule your choice.

    Sharing your decision with your loved ones is very important. If they know this is what you want, they will be prepared to work with LifeShare to honor your wishes. It is also one less difficult decision for your family to make.

  • Can my organs go to someone I know?

    If you or your family knows someone who needs an organ transplant, they can ask LifeShare about directed donation. Our team will discuss this option with the potential recipient’s transplant team. Tests may be needed to find out if the donor and recipient would be a good match.

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